Talking Their Way To The Top

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On September 9,2018 students Davina Allen (12th grade) and Noah Jenkins (9th grade) attended a speech and debate competition at East Lake Highschool. Ms. Allen is captain of the speech and debate team, it was hers and Mr. Jenkins first time competing. On the way to the competition they were both found re-reading line,notes,and all over working hard. Once as they arrived at the competition both where found taken aback but excided.

  “My favorite part of the experience was the pressure. I function well under pressure.” Mr. Jenkins said about the day.Mr. Jenkins kept a sharp eye on his time and made sure to keep on his notes.

   Good news is that Ms. Allen and Mr. Jenkins both plan on using the skills they learn in speech and debate outside of school and in future.

  By the end of the night Ms. Allen tied in 2ed place in speech OI. “Thing aren’t as bad as you make it seem you just put a lot of judgement on yourself.” she said as something he could take away from this whole experience. They are now both looking forward to their next competition.

  Along with us, OSOA took home so wins ,that being :

   CFDI 1st –3rd place LD (Valeria Perez)

   1st place LD (Caroline Centeno)

   NFCFL 1st – 3rd OI (Justin Nazario)

   3rd placed LD (Caroline Centeno)